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Sensimmer Mission Rehearsal Software FDA Cleared to Simulate Surgeries, Minimally Invasive Procedures


ImmersiveTouch Inc., a company out of Chicago, IL, won FDA clearance for its Sensimmer Mission Rehearsal software to be used in simulating potential surgeries using patient CT and MRI data. Surgeons can practice different approaches and techniques on the 3D models while actually feeling different tissue types through the haptic controller.

ImmersiveTouchThe system has already been in use at the Neurological Surgery Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Medical Center for over two years and the value of the system grows over time as interesting cases can be added to its database for post-op study and in preparation for similar cases in the future.

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From the product page:

Patient-specific 3D/Haptic models are built directly from CT/MRI data. Operating surgeons and their team can pre-visualize and ‘pre-touch’ their planned surgical intervention, explore the patient specific anatomy and fine tune their procedure choices using the ImmersiveTouch MissionRehearsal™ simulator. This helps reduced intra- and post-operative complications and reccurence/re-admit rates. The technology is ‘hands-on’ for the surgeons, easy to use, takes only 15 min – 30 min per case, and complements current surgery preparation methods with minimal chances in surgeons’ and radiologists behavior.

The benefits of improved patient quality of care, lower complication rates for surgeons, and reduction in cost of care from reductions in complications make this a must-have investment.

Other benefits include:

  • Improve utilization of OR’s, better prediction of surgery times and increase surgeons’ OR productivity
  • Better pre-operative surgery planning can help increase a hospital’s STARS rating
  • The 3D patient-specific anatomy model can facilitate surgeon/patient communication
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